About Us

National Engineering & Architectural Services Inc. was founded in 1992 in Columbus, Ohio by Andrew S. Barr, PhD, PE after a 20-year career with the Ohio Department of Transportation. The firm specializes in geotechnical services, surveying, and construction inspection.

Our staff has proven capacity to coordinate and perform extensive field services under very aggressive schedules, for numerous projects such as the different phases of the Central Viaduct Rehabilitation / Cleveland Innerbelt (CCG1, 2, 3, 6 & 7), FRA-270-17.28 and for emergency slide projects under task order contracts for Districts 9 and 10.  BEI operates in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Ohio, and Lansing, MI with AASHTO accredited Laboratories in Columbus, Cleveland and Lansing, MI. Geotechnical Engineering, Drilling, Surveying, SUE and Construction Inspection resources are present in each of the three markets, allowing us to minimize mobilization fees as well as to provide frequent engineering oversight of the field operations at a nominal cost.