Employee Lot Relocation and Expansion Columbus Municipal Airport Columbus, Ohio

Project Owner: Columbus Regional Airport Authority
Client: URS Corporation

National Engineering & Architectural Services Inc. (NEAS Inc.) was retained as a subconsultant to perform the survey and geotechnical investigations for the employee lot relocation and expansion projects at the Columbus Municipal Airport. Design work performed by the prime consultant included preliminary site design including parking, site utilities and storm water management for a 30-acre, an 8-acre, and a 4-acre site; and conceptual A/E design for a customer service building, a canopied ready & return area, two QTA wash/fueling facilities, and an airport shuttle bus operations and maintenance facility. Survey and geotechnical services provided by NEAS Inc. included: preparation of topographic surveys and mapping and geotechnical investigations pursuant to the design of a new 1500 space parking lot.

Our survey work included topographical survey, including above ground utilities and parcel boundaries using conventional total stations and modern gps survey equipment, the location and recovery of right of way monuments for 17th Avenue, Cassady Avenue and Steltzer Road as well as the setting of control points for the project. Our survey was performed using NAD83, NAVD88 and Ohio State Plane South Zone datum systems. Our deliverables were forwarded in a timely manner and included a survey report detailing the process and DTM at design level accuracy.

Geotechnical investigations included locating and completing a total of 12 exploratory borings at the site, soil sampling and Standard Penetration testing, laboratory testing and examinations of the collected samples. Our final report included earthwork recommendations, identification and evaluations of proposed subgrades, pavement design recommendations as well as site drainage recommendations.

In another phase of this project, NEAS Inc. performed a site survey of the parcel located at the northwest corner of Stelzer Road and 17th Avenue. Our efforts included relocation and recovery of control points established in 2008 for Task Order #2. The control points were recalculated to match the new CORS survey coordinate system required by CRAA, effective January 2009. NEAS Inc. performed a topographical and boundary survey using conventional total stations and modern gps survey equipment. New topography was obtained along the north side of the site to clearly define the limits of the adjacent new roadway (Ramp E1, Stelzer/I670 Interchange) as well as associated embankments, ditches, storm sewer and fencing. The survey was performed using NAD 83 horizontal control and NAVD 88 vertical control (adjusted to the PCIA CORS system). Horizontal and vertical control points were set as required by the City of Columbus for the preparation of sanitary sewer, waterline and roadway plans. Our deliverables included electronic DTM at design level accuracy, electronic copy of 3d and 2d digital mapping, hard copy plots of all surveyed areas and electronic copy ASCII files of all points.

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