ODNR Pike Lake Dam, Pond Lick Lake Dam and Roosevelt Lake Dam Dam and Spillway Rehabilitations Pike Lake State Park and Shawnee State Forest and State Park, Ohio

Project Owner: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Client: Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources hired the Baker / National Engineering & Architectural Services Inc. (NEAS Inc.) Team to investigate the overall condition of three ODNR-owned dams and their associated appurtenances, and explore alternatives to bring these dams into compliance with current regulatory requirements. The preparation of Emergency Action Plans for Pond Lick and Roosevelt Lake Dams was also included as part of this project.

NEAS Inc. was hired to conduct the survey and subsurface investigation to determine the overall condition and specific deficiencies of the dams. NEAS Inc. completed an aggregate twelve borings, totaling 500 LF for all three dam projects. Each site included borings on pavement, borings in unpaved areas and borings in the water and range between 30 to 40 feet below present grades. A final geotechnical soils report, including field and lab procedures and soil test results, was submitted. This information was used to prepare a preliminary investigative report for each dam including preliminary design alternatives and cost estimates, downstream impacts and environmental issues.


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