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NEAS offers geotechnical engineering services from an experienced team of geotechnical engineers, geologists, drillers, field technicians, and laboratory technicians.  Along with three AASHTO-accredited testing laboratories, NEAS is positioned as a single-source for comprehensive geotechnical engineering services on civil and architectural projects.

NEAS’ suite of in-house geotechnical services provides streamlined project management and ensures accurate delivery of data.


  • Settlement & subsidence   analysis

  • Slope stability analysis

  • Ground improvement, reinforcement and treatment recommendations

  • Earthwork & construction recommendations

  • Earth dam analysis

  • Shallow & deep foundation analysis/design

  • Field & laboratory soil testing

  • Soil & Rock drilling/sampling

  • Subsurface investigation

  • Geological & hydrogeological studies

  • Subgrade analysis

  • Pavement design

  • Retaining wall design

  • Cofferdam design

  • Shoring design

  • Pile design

  • Geohazards Analysis

  • CPT Interpretation

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