ODOT, CUY-77-13.80 Bridge Replacement, Cleveland, OH

National Engineering & Architectural Services Inc. (NEAS Inc.) was hired as a subconsultant to provide right-of-way, subsurface utility engineering and geotechnical services for the replacement of Bridge No. CUY-77-1380 in Cleveland, Ohio as part of the Central Viaduct Rehabilitation. The project involves the removal of the bridge and the replacement with a new, longer bridge for Broadway (SR 14) over IR-77. The project also involves the reconstruction of ramps to provide standard lane widths and merge distances. NEAS Inc. personnel managed the development of the Microstation basemap from the existing planning level survey data as provided by ODOT and NEAS Inc. field survey crews. Property lines were established by appropriate deed research and field location and verification of right-of-way monuments and adjoining property monumentation. The approximate centerline location was established in Geopak. All deliverables were provided in conformance with ODOT standards and were submitted in MicroStation format. Additional services included OUPS notification, and completion of utility designation and mapping – level “B”.


Location: 230 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, USA